V International Scientific Conference

School between tradition and modernity

In the interest of children and adolescents safety

which is held 8-10 May, 2014

The main subject of the scientific conference will be devoted to widely understood issues related to safety of children and adolescents. The modern, intensively developing world in its social, cultural, scientific, technological dimension is an environment that can foster a sense of security to a man or be a serious threat to his development. In the context of education, there is an urgent need for interdisciplinary dialogue about the conditions ensuring safety for children and adolescents in their immediate environment but also about the ways of shaping young people's attitudes to enable them to build a sense of security.

We suggest the following subjects:

  • Security vs. risk and human development
  • Safe child in a family environment
  • Safe kindergarten, school and educational care facility
  • Safety of children and adolescents in the Internet
  • Education for safety in search for best practice policy


Department of Education

State Higher Vocational School in Chelm

We invite you to get acquainted with the organizers and to participate in the conference